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About us

blossoming squash plantApplegard Farm is a small 100% natural and pesticide-free farm in North Berwick, Maine. I grow fresh delicious vegetables that I bring to market and sell right at the farm.

During the harvesting season (roughly May through October) the farm is open for retail of fresh veggies daily. If you are interested, please browse the farmstand link on the left and give me a call - I would be delighted to harvest fresh vegetables for you! 

My growing practises reflect my care for the environment. I work hard to promote healthy and nutritious soil for the veggies to grow in because I think that makes the veggies better and more wholesome to eat. I market the veggies to customers close by because I believe in providing people with fresh produce, but also because vegetables shouldn't have to travel thousands of miles in trucks before getting to their destination when they are in season right where you live. I believe in a small, local, and sustainable business model and hope my customers will appreciate my philsophy as well as the product!